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Bionics Instrument Co., Ltd.
6-1254-2 Shimizu, Higashiyamato, Tokyo 207-0004, Japan.
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Important notice
Due to WMD Catch All Controls in Japan, we need end user name, address and purpose of using our equipments when we quote our goods.

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Please fill in your specification of the gas detectors for an accurate estimate.

  Detector A Detector B Detector C
Detecting Gas
Range(ppm)  ex)0-6
Diffusion or Sample Draw
Display (Analog, Digital or Non)
Explosion proof or not
Operating Temperature(℃)  ex)0-40
Alarm 1 setting amount
When controller is not required
Any more special request,Like Wet or Dry scrubber purpose etc.
If you require our controllers, please fill in following specification.
Controller is Required or not
Power supply
(AC110V, 220V or DC24V)
Panel or Wall mount
Buzzer is required or not
Alarm 1 setting amount(ppm)  ex)2
Alarm 2 setting amount(ppm)  ex)6