Residual Chlorine Monitor

Chlorine Meter RC-50T


  • No calibration required.
  • Less human error than the colorimetry method.
  • Automatically start measurment after drop 50-100µL sample solution.
  • It is not necessary cleaning process between the measurement.




Model RC-50T-HL
Sensor CC-50
Measuring Range Approx. 0 - 150g/L
Measuring Time Approx. 10sec - 30min
Measuring Component Available Chlorine
Measuring Method Coulometry
Repeatability Within ±5% (For iodine titrimetry)
Minimum Resolution 0mg/L - 9.99mg/L : 0.01mg/L
10.0mg/L - 99.9mg/L : 0.1mg/L
100mg/L - 999mg/L : 1mg/L
1.00g/L - 9.99g/L : 0.01g/L
10.0g/L - 99.9g/L : 0.1g/L
100g/L - 150g/L(≒12%) : 1g/L
Power Requirement DC9V 500mW (Use attached AC adaptor)
Alkaline battery : AA size (UM-3) type 2pcs
Dimensions 150(W) x 130(D) x 70(H) mm
Components AC adaptor 1pc
Sensor Cell 1pc
Sensor Internal Liquid 1btl
Operating Manual 1pc
Standard Accessories 1set
Optional Parts Micropipette LMS EP-200
Sensor Keeper CC-50KL